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NASW at 60: Social Work Paves the Way for Change

Launching the Historic 60 for 60 Campaign

Donate Today!

NASW and the social work profession have worked to bring major positive changes in American society. Social workers advocated for the creation of programs such as Medicare and Medicaid to provide health care to vulnerable populations such as the elderly and the poor, voting rights for all Americans, and equal rights for African Americans, women and people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. Simply put social workers have helped transform our society, playing major roles in many societal advances that we now take for granted.

In celebration of NASW's 60th Anniversary the 60 for 60 Campaign has been launched.

This Campaign honors NASW's history of making a difference and ensures that Social Work Paves the Way for Change.

Your donation helps build the underpinning of the NASW Foundation and will have an impact for years to come.

Whether you are able to donate $60 or multiples of 60 your support does make a difference.

"Individually we may not have wealth, but if we can put our wealth together we can build a strong Foundation."—Dr. Bernice Catherine Harper, NASW Social Work Pioneer®

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