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Learn More About the Campaign

Why Get Involved?

Change Perceptions
The average American family believes they will never need the help of a social worker. A national public education campaign can help change perceptions about who benefits from social work services and encourage more people to find the help they need.

Celebrate Hope
Social work stories are about people helping people succeed in the face of adversity. For less than $1.00 a week this year you can help ensure that more of these stories of hope are covered in broadcast, print and online media across the country.

Demonstrate Value
Social work matters. Help policymakers, employers , allied professionals, consumers and others understand the value social workers bring to every community--and to all families.

Show Pride
Not enough social workers identify themselves as such. Show your pride by wearing a gold or silver Professional Social Worker lapel pin or by distributing Stand Up for Others wristbands to young people you know.

Build the Future
Many students have no idea that social work is a versatile profession with limitless career opportunities for smart, creative and socially-conscious people. Help show them that social work is a rewarding career for life.

Make History
For more than 30 years, the social work profession has published articles on the need for a national public education campaign. During the 50th anniversary year of NASW, we successfully launched this historic effort, but we need your support to help tell the Social Work story.

To obtain a free video (DVD or VHS) about the campaign, please call 202-336-8212.

To learn how to promote the campaign, please look to these resources:

NASW News January 2004—Firm named to plan public image drive

NASW News September 2004—Perceptions of profession are analyzed

NASW News October 2004—Public image: Going for the gold

NASW News November 2004—2005 Social Work Month observance to have added significance

NASW News January 2005—Wristbands to promote the profession

NASW News February 2005—Public education drive launches next month

NASW News March 2005—Drive to educate public starts

NASW News March 2005—Consumer Web site set

NASW News April 2005—Social work public education campaign around the U.S.

NASW News May 2005—Public Education Drive’s Web Site, Ads Introduced

NASW News May 2005—Social Work Congress sets future course

NASW News June 2005—Wristbands getting the word out

NASW News July 2005—Consumer Web site sees growth

NASW News July 2005—Social worker database featured

NASW News September 2005—Ad campaign launching

NASW News January 2006—Social Work Month theme to focus on ‘Life’s Journey’

NASW News January 2006—Social Work lights up Times Square New Year’s Eve

NASW News January 2006—Campaign Fields Second Print Advertisement

NASW News February 2006—Education campaign gets a boost

NASW News March 2006—Social Work Month celebration kicks off

NASW News March 2006—Ads appear in diverse venues

NASW News April 2006—Workforce study results released

NASW News April 2006—Campaign promoted nationwide

NASW News May 2006—Role in ‘Life’s Journey’ celebrated in March

How close is my state to reaching its fundraising goal? (Coming Soon)


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