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Ina Javellas

Ina Javellas, ACSW, LCSW, DCSW, is known in the “Sooner State” as a Pioneer in social work and mental health services. She has been a leader in the development of services throughout Oklahoma. She is both a catalyst and a “doer” and has worked effectively with community groups, professional organizations, legislative and political bodies, and voluntary and public agencies.

Ms. Javellas’s social work career began in 1958 when she became a staff psychiatric social worker at the Central State Griffin Memorial Hospital. She was later assigned to develop social service programs in another state hospital and an institution for the mentally retarded. In 1965, she joined the state office as Administrator of the Community Mental Health Clinic Program. From 1978-1980, Ms. Javellas served as Deputy Director, Community Mental Health Program, in the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health.  In this position, she had extensive responsibilities for coordinating state development with federal community mental health mandates and the Oklahoma State Advisory Council for Mental Health Services.

For the past two decades, Ms. Javellas has been a consultant to many mental health programs and other human service agencies in Oklahoma. She was instrumental in helping several communities develop community mental health centers. For thirty years, she has been a social work surveyor with the CMS (HCFA) Psychiatric Facility Survey Program which surveys compliance of mental hospitals with Medicare/Medicaid provider standards. She was one of the first psychiatric social workers selected to participate on these teams when the survey program was initiated by the National Institute of Mental Health in cooperation with the newly established Medicare program. She has helped to develop specialized training manuals and survey protocols for this program.

Throughout her career, Ms. Javellas has been a leader in local, state, and national social work and mental health groups. One example is her pro bono work with the rescue efforts and follow-up with victims and their families after the Oklahoma City Bombing (1995). Immediately after the bombing, she worked as a volunteer with the ARC and Salvation Army to assist family members of the victims. Later she served as a planner and facilitator with the Oklahoma City Long Range Bombing and Response Committee and with the FEMA funded disaster relief and mental health services (1995-1998).

Ms. Javellas is skillful in working with the political processes required to establish mental health services, social work standards and social work licensing. She has been active in the Oklahoma Chapter, NASW, and has provided leadership to numerous committees and conferences. She was named Social Worker of the Year by the Oklahoma Chapter in 1970 and again in 1996.

Ms. Javellas earned a bachelor of arts degree and a master’s of social work degree from the University of Oklahoma.

Social Work Pioneer 2001