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Social Work HEALS: Social Work Health Care Education and Leadership Scholars Policy Fellowship

The Social Work HEALS program, with on-going funding from the New York Community Trust, awarded one Social Work Policy Fellowship in 2016 - 2017. The Social Work HEALS Policy Fellowship is a one year Fellowship awarded to a social worker who has completed as least two years of a doctoral program, with preference to providing a post-doctoral experience for applicants with a PhD or DSW degree. As with other post-doctoral policy fellowships, the degree completion may be within the past two years, with consideration as a post-doctoral. Read More

The Social Work HEALS Policy Fellows will participate in a social work specific opportunity to use his/her social work knowledge and research experience to work in Washington, DC, on critical health policy issues facing our nation. The Fellow will learn about policy practice and conduct policy research related to health care social work while forming connections with fellow researchers, policy makers, and social work leaders in Washington, DC.

The Social Work HEALS Policy Fellow will be asked to relocate to Washington, DC for the one-year Fellowship. The Fellowship will provide an annual salary with associated benefits, relocation expenses and funds for professional development. The Fellow will be able to participate in the prestigious policy fellow orientation, offered through the American Political Science Association, with policy fellows from other fields. Beyond the salary, the Social Work HEALS Policy Fellow will achieve other benefits such as furthering their research, hands-on experience with federal policy-making, professional development, and expanding their professional network while having an opportunity to be involved with social work colleagues engaged with policy formulation and implementation.

The recipient will become a “time limited” employee of NASW (one year) and receive an annual salary ($56,000) with benefits including health insurance, vacation and sick leave. The Policy Fellow will receive a reimbursement of up to $3,500 for relocation expenses and also included in the award package is the registration fee for the American Political Science Policy Fellowship Orientation ($5,000) and funding in the amount of up to $3,000 earmarked for travel for professional development (total award package up to $80,000)   As part of the award, the recipient will be expected to attend and participate in a poster session  to present his/her dissertation study purpose/study question at NASW’s National Conference.

2016 Award: Janeen Cross , DSW, MBA. Assistant Clinical Professor, Center for Social Work Education, Widener University. PhD, 2015. Dissertation, “Breastfeeding - A Protective Intervention for Child Maltreatment of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Graduates.”

Social Work HEALS Policy Fellowship Guidelines

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