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NASW Charter Members

If you joined as a Charter Member of NASW (prior to January 1957) and are still a member today, please check the list below to make certain that you, or others you know, are included. We are making every attempt to ensure the accuracy of the list.  Charter members will receive special recognition throughout our 50th Anniversary year — including in NASW’s 50 Years of Leadership commemorative book.

Click here if your name has been omitted from this list

  • Janice E. Abrohams
  • Sylvia M. Adler, ACSW
  • Marguerite T. Allen
  • Nancy M. Ballantyne, ACSW
  • Eva M. Ballo, ACSW
  • Josephine C. Barbour, ACSW
  • Joseph A. Beattie, ACSW
  • Patricia C. Beck, ACSW
  • Rose B. Berry, ACSW
  • Babette Bierman, ACSW
  • Thomas J. Blakely, ACSW, PHD
  • Aviva F. Blumberg, ACSW
  • Twyla M. Boe, ACSW
  • Helen S. Bonapart, ACSW
  • Amy B. Booth, ACSW
  • Ruth O. Bournazian, ACSW
  • Carolyn Budlong, ACSW
  • Rae Carp, ACSW
  • Robert H. Cohen, ACSW
  • Donald Cole, ACSW, DSW
  • Dorothy M. Cummings, ACSW
  • John E. Davis, ACSW, DCSW
  • Michele L. Edwards, ACSW
  • Andree Emery, ACSW
  • Howard V. Epstein, ACSW
  • Annette S. Eskind, ACSW
  • Barbara R. Feinstein, ACSW
  • Murray Felson, ACSW
  • Elaine E. Finnegan, ACSW
  • Barbara J. Firestone, ACSW
  • Elaine D. Freedman, ACSW, LICSW,BCD
  • Frances B. Frizzell, ACSW
  • Robert L. Gambee, ACSW
  • Charles Garvin, PhD, ACSW
  • Hali H. Giessler, ACSW
  • Daniel Ginsberg, ACSW
  • Anita M. Graber, ACSW
  • Ruth Gruenthal, ACSW
  • Ralph L. Hanebutt, ACSW
  • John E. Hansan, PhD, ACSW
  • Julia B. Havilah, ACSW
  • Emiko T. Honma, ACSW
  • Miriam Hurwich, ACSW
  • Bernard J. Hyman, ACSW
  • George P. Hypes, ACSW
  • Kenneth F. Jasnau, ACSW
  • Ina J. Javellas, ACSW, DCSW
  • Mary A. Jennings, ACSW
  • Harold R. Johnson, ACSW
  • Harriet Jones, ACSW
  • Helga Justman, ACSW
  • Fanny B. Katzen
  • Bella Lom Kerdman Isaacs, BCD ACSW
  • Barbara L. King, ACSW
  • Sylvia B. Kleidman, ACSW
  • Selma Z. Korn, ACSW
  • Phyllis Kosky, ACSW
  • Gertrude Landau, ACSW
  • Jean M. Leedham, ACSW
  • Katharine F. Lenroot, ACSW
  • Paul Lerman
  • Evelyn J. Liegner, ACSW
  • James R. MacKay, ACSW
  • Elaine F. Marshack, ACSW
  • Helen M. Mason, ACSW
  • Clara W. Mcclure, ACSW
  • Louis W. McHardy, ACSW
  • David Miller, ACSW
  • James Miller, ACSW
  • Earl Douglas Morris, ACSW
  • Sidney Z. Moss, DCSW, ACSW
  • Jeanne M. Nelson
  • Joan B. Norman
  • Eva S. Oles, ACSW
  • Joan V. Oliner Schwartz, ACSW
  • Carole Mae Olson, ACSW
  • Dorothy C. Penlon, ACSW
  • Patricia R. Pickford, ACSW
  • Marvin S. Poyourow, ACSW
  • Irving Raffe, ACSW
  • Ruth R. Rehbock, ACSW
  • Kristine S. Rekdahl
  • Gertrude M. Ress, ACSW
  • Ruth G. Richardson, ACSW
  • Rita Rosenstein, ACSW
  • Stewart F. Rosoff, DCSW, ACSW
  • Marlene Rotblatt, ACSW
  • Jack Rothman, ACSW
  • Ann Sand, ACSW
  • Carl S. Sawtelle
  • Grace P. Schneider, ACSW
  • Marjorie Schulte, ACSW
  • Norman J. Segal, ACSW, LICSW
  • Seymour Siegel, ACSW
  • Dolores T. Smith, ACSW
  • Israel Smith
  • Faye L. Snider, ACSW
  • Grace B. Spinelli, ACSW
  • John L. Tewart, ACSW
  • Henry T. Tsuyemura, ACSW
  • Donia O. Turzicky, ACSW
  • Esther Urdang, PhD, ACSW, DCSW
  • Jo P. Ward, ACSW
  • Joan O. Weiss, ACSW
  • Genevieve A. West, ACSW
  • Flora S. Williams, ACSW
  • Charlotte P. Zilversmit, ACSW
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