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The National Association of Social Workers Foundation is pleased to present the NASW Social Work Pioneers®. NASW Pioneers are social workers who have explored new territories and built outposts for human services on many frontiers. Some are well known, while others are less famous outside their immediate colleagues, and the region where they live and work. But each one has made an important contribution to the social work profession, and to social policies through service, teaching, writing, research, program development, administration, or legislation.

The NASW Pioneers have paved the way for thousands of other social workers to contribute to the betterment of the human condition; and they are are role models for future generations of social workers. The NASW Foundation has made every effort to provide accurate Pioneer biographies.  Please contact us at to provide missing information, or to correct inaccurate information. It is very important to us to correctly tell these important stories and preserve our history.  

Please note, an asterisk attached to a name reflects Pioneers who have passed away. All NASW Social Work Pioneers® Bios are Copyright © 2021 National Association of Social Workers Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

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Linda S. (Haviland) Moore, PhD, LMSW-APM
Linda S. (Haviland) Moore

Pioneering Contributions

Linda S. (Haviland) Moore, PhD, LMSW-APM, has made significant contributions to social work education, especially undergraduate social work education. Beginning her teaching career in 1977, just as undergraduate social work education programs were being developed around the country, she first put her efforts into developing the program at Texas Christian University (TCU) and then she used the expertise she developed through this process, along with her empowerment-oriented approach, to enhance BSW education across the country. 

Moore’s efforts included work with the Texas Association of Undergraduate Social Work Educators where she served as Vice President and President between 1979–1981, later serving on the national Undergraduate Social Work Faculty Association where she served as president from 1982–1984, and subsequently serving the State of Texas, as Vice President and President of the Texas Association of Deans and Directors from 1997–2000.

Overlapping this time, she was also a member of the growing Association of Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors Association (BPD), established in 1975, that became known as an “incubator of leadership for social work educational and professional associations (Stuart, P.H, & Leighninger, L., 2000). At BPD, Moore served on the Editorial Board, as Consulting Editor, and as Editor in Chief of the Journal of Baccalaureate Social Work between 1999–2005; the Advocacy Committee from 2002-2005 and 2008-2015, the Membership Committee from 1998-2015, and finally serving as the President of BPD from 2005–2007. She continued to be a voice for undergraduate social work education, a mentor to many, and a part of the organization until her retirement in 2016. In her retirement, she continues to mentor new untenured faculty members at TCU and nationally. 

While Moore’s service record is commendable, her numerous presentations and publications have also contributed to the knowledge base of the profession, specifically as it pertains to undergraduate social work education. Her scholarship includes more than100 presentations at professional conferences, 28 publications (including 20 as first author), and more than $150,000 in grant funding. In two seminal articles, she also examined the importance of gatekeeping in undergraduate social work programs. In more recent years, her focus was on social work's impact on the development of the NAACP and how Whitney Young's impact on social work and social justice is important for the profession today.

Moore’s service and research contributions have contributed extensively to the social work field. In particular, they have elevated the needs and importance of undergraduate social work education in extending the reach of the profession to more individuals by putting more well-trained social workers in the community and helping to ensure better trained social work faculty to provide that education. They also include working within communities to explain the scope of undergraduate social work practice through advocacy efforts. 

Career Highlights

Moore served NASW for more than 40 years, until her retirement in 2016, and she remains a member. Admitted to the Academy of Certified Social Workers in 1978, she served as the Chair of the Ft. Worth branch unit from 1980-1986, served on the NASW Texas Chapter Board of Directors from 1980-1986, including a term as President from 1983–1985. She was elected to the NASW National Committee on Nominations and Leadership Identification from 2009-2012; and she served on the Editorial Board for Social Work from 2008–2011. 

Understanding the importance of connecting students to NASW, as the professional organization of the profession, Moore developed and implemented TCU/NASW, the first student organization in the country affiliated with national NASW. She further optimized student membership in NASW by requiring students to purchase a malpractice insurance policy for their field internship and she went further by requiring NASW Membership for all faculty teaching within the department to model for the students the importance of being part of a profession’s national organization and for the faculty to be better connected with social work practitioners in the community.

Moore also volunteered with numerous social work education-related organizations including the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) were she served as a Site Team Chair for the CSWE Commission on Accreditation from 1999-2016; served on the National Nominating Committee from 2001-2004, and also served on the Commission on Conferences and Faculty Development from 1999-2002. She was elected to the Board of Directors for the Institute for the Advancement of Social Work Research (IASWR) (2004-2009) and the Board of Directors for the Action Network for Social Work Education and Research (2004-2007). 

Students who took Moore’s classes were drawn to her infectious personality and love of TCU football. She was known for, and continues to dedicate her time to, the education of student-athletes on campus, particularly those who present with learning disabilities or who need mentoring to be successful on and off the field.  Moore is known as a mentor and advisor to hundreds of students, not just those in the social work profession who have gone on to lead social work practice and research in the field or in their own faculty positions in various states. Two examples include the current Dean of the Graduate College of Social Work at the University of Houston, Dr. Alan Dettlaff and NFL running back LaDainian Tomlinson. Two of her graduates have become NASW Chapter Executive Directors and several have served in other state roles.

Biographic Data

Moore was born August 29, 1947 in New Castle, Pennsylvania. She was born to a Southern Baptist minister and grew up a preacher’s kid (PK). She earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology in May, 1969 from Eastern College in St. David’s, Pennsylvania and after working for a few years went back to earn her MSW from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, graduating in May, 1975. 

After working for two years, post MSW, she was hired at TCU as an Assistant Professor in 1977, just as BSW education was starting to take hold at many universities. She received tenure and the rank of Associate Professor in 1983 and was promoted to Full Professor in 2000. While working at TCU, she also attended Texas Woman’s University and began working on her PhD in Sociology (minor Social Work), graduating in May 1994. She retired in 2016 after 39 years and received Professor Emeritus status in 2017. Throughout her career she maintained numerous roles and positions as a faculty member including, but not limited to, serving as the Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) Program Director, Director of Field Education, Department Chair, and served the college as Associate Dean for two years (2001-2003) 

Significant Achievements and Awards

  • 2011 & 2013Outstanding Faculty nominee, 15th Annual Intercultural Banquet 
  • 2012Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award,14th Annual Intercultural Banquet 
  • 2005Faculty Appreciation Award, 7thAnnual Intercultural Banquet 
  • 2000Faculty Appreciation Award, 2ndAnnual Minority Leadership Banquet
  • 2005Harris College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Award for Distinguished Achievement as a Creative Teacher and Scholar 
  • 2003College of Health and Human Sciences, Outstanding Teaching Award
  • 2001College of Health & Human Sciences, Outstanding Research Award
  • 2000 & 2012The Deans' Teaching Award
  • 2000The AddRan College of Arts and Sciences Division of Social Sciences Distinguished Teaching Award
  • 2001 & 2006Mortarboard Preferred Professor 
  • 2014NASW Texas Chapter, North Texas Unit, Lifetime Achievement Award 
  • Who’s Who in American Education & Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers 
  • Who's Who of American Women & Who's Who Among Human Service Professionals 
  • Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, Alpha Delta Mu (Social Work Honor Society), Phi Alpha (Social Work Honor Society), Alpha Kappa Delta 

Significant Publications 

  • Moore, L.S. (2012). Engaging students in macro practice: A Social Change Project. In E. F. Hoffler and E. J. Clark (Eds.), Social Work Matters. Washington DC: NASW Press.
  • Moore, L.S., & Myers, R., (Eds.) (2009). Leadership Lessons from Whitney M. Young, Jr.: A Teaching Guide to Accompany the Documentary Film “Finding Uncle Whitney: The Search for Leadership in America.” Washington, DC: NASW. 
  • Moore, L.S. & Avant, F. (2008). Strengthening Undergraduate Social Work Research: Models and Strategies" Social Work Research, 32(4), 231-235.
  • Moore, L.S. & Jenkins, D.A. (2000).  The history of gatekeeping.  In P. Gibbs and E. H. Blakely (Eds.), Gatekeeping in BSW Programs.  New York: Columbia University Press.
  • Moore, L.S. and Urwin, C.A. (1991).  Gatekeeping in Social Work:  A Model for Screening Baccalaureate Students for Field Education. Journal of Social Work Education, 27(1) 8-17.
  • Moore, L.S. and Urwin, C.A. (1990).  Quality Control in Social Work:  The Gatekeeping Role in Social Work Education. Journal of Teaching in Social Work, 4(1) 113-128.

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