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Bernice C. Harper, LLD, ACSW

Bernice C. Harper, LLD, ACSW

Bernice Harper, LLD, ACSW, was Medical Care Advisor to the Health Care Financing Administration in Washington, D.C. Her career has focused on the area of health care and health care policy formulation. She was instrumental in developing long-term program policies which highlight continuity-of-care, including community and institutional care, and stresses the importance of psychosocial components. Her commitment to the long term care of those in need has served to demonstrate the best of the best for the profession and for those in need.
She identified and labeled specific stages of coping with death that are important to understand, especially for professionals living through the process with clients. 

Dr. Harper is Co-Founder and Past-Chair of the Foundation for Hospices in Sub-Saharan Africa. She is the author of Death: The Coping Mechanism of the Health Professional. This book serves as a definitive publication on death and the special needs for professionals to cope with their related stress. She is nationally recognized for her work and is sought after for training workshops and conferences. Dr. Harper was the first recipient of the NASW Foundation Knee/Wittman Outstanding Achievement in Health/Mental Health Policy Award and is a member of the NASW Social Work Pioneer®

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