The National Association of Social Workers Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization created to support NASW’s educational and charitable initiatives through a wide range of programs and projects. The Foundation serves three primary audiences, known as the Three Ps: 

  • the profession – by honoring and investing in social workers past, current, and future;
  • the practitioner – by enhancing social workers’ knowledge and skills; and,
  • the public – by providing information and resources to help individuals, families and communities.


The Foundation administers a wide variety of educational and research programs in an effort to fulfill its core mission of enhancing the well-being of individuals, families, and communities through the advancement of social work policy and practice. Founded in 2001, the Foundation's goals and objectives are to:

  • identify, develop, and respond to social work policy and practice issues;
  • assist with rapid response to social crises;
  • support practice-based research, so that practice and research are directly linked;
  • raise the visibility of social work and enhance public esteem for the profession;
  • support the development of cutting edge continuing education and training that addresses critical issues; and,
  • promote the appropriate application of new technology to the practice of social work. 


The Foundation is managed by a nine-member Board of Directors that comprises the current NASW President, three NASW members, and three individuals involved in professions other than social work. Non-voting members of the board include the NASW Chief Executive Officer who serves as President of the Foundation and the NASW President-Elect.

Foundation assets total $4 million, including the NASW Foundation Endowment, which is funded by voluntary contributions from donors, including friends, NASW members, corporations, and others; as well as awards and grants from government agencies, foundations, and other entities interested in our work. The NASW Foundation is not funded through NASW Membership dues.

The NASW Legacy Project

The Foundation launched The NASW Legacy Project in 2001 and collaborates with the NASW Social Work Pioneers® to collect, preserve and archive documents, photographs, and other artifacts that illuminate the rich history of NASW and the social work profession.  Learn more >>

NASW Foundation / NASW Chapter Partnership

As the tax-exempt subsidiary of NASW, the Foundation is available for NASW Chapters to house funds for scientific, educational, and charitable purposes, and for which a tax deduction is desired by the donor. Many of NASW’s 55 chapters routinely partner with the Foundation.  Learn More >>

Connect to end COVID-19, overlapping speech bubbles

Join NASW’s national Connect to End COVID-19 effort, a CDC-funded initiative to support social workers and their clients in informed vaccine decision-making. Complimentary webinars and CEUs available. Learn about Connect to End COVID-19

COVID-19 Virus Cells

COVID-19 Resources

Social Workers are stepping up during the coronavirus pandemic providing essential support to and advocating for the most vulnerable among us. Get COVID-19 resources and updates from NASW

NASW Social Work Talks Podcast Logo

In Episode 5, NASW Social Work Talks Podcast features the Director of the NASW Foundation, Bob Arnold.   Tune in for a discussion about the Foundation's many educational, research, and  charitable  initiatives.