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Support the NASW Foundation—Social Workers Leading Change and Improving Lives!
Kim Simpson

Support the NASW Foundation—Social Workers Leading Change and Improving Lives!

Thanks to generous support from NASW Members and friends, the NASW Foundation works with NASW’s Chapters to raise charitable funds for educational, research, training, and scholarship activities at the state and local level. One such successful initiative is showcased below.

All of our programs and activities, including Chapter efforts, are funded by voluntary contributions from NASW Members, friends, corporations, and others; as well as, awards and grants from government agencies, foundations, and other entities interested in our work. The NASW Foundation is not funded through NASW membership dues. 

We are immensely grateful for the generosity of supporters who believe in our work and consistently fund our programs year after year.  Thank you! 


The NASW Iowa Chapter (NASW-IA) worked with the NASW Foundation and the University of Iowa School of Social Work, in 2018-2019, to assess the Iowa social work labor force. The initiative was funded by a generous $50,000 grant from the Telligen Community Initiative.

“We wanted to gather information in a concise and organized way that would allow us to make the case that we need more professional social workers in the state of Iowa and how professional social workers can improve the lives of Iowans,” according to Denise Rathman, NASW-IA Executive Director.

Two key outcomes of the initiative, she said, are that NASW-IA now has “an excellent action plan that will serve as a roadmap as we work to collect the data we need to do our advocacy work for the profession.  We have a better understanding of why some organizations don’t always look to hire social workers."

Additionally, Denise said, “We needed hard data to confirm our suspicions that we need additional culturally and linguistically diverse professional social workers to serve the diverse populations of Iowa, more professional social workers to serve older Iowans, and additional professional social workers in our more rural counties."

Related, in late 2019, the NASW Illinois Chapter also received a $50,000 Telligen grant.  The funding is enabling the Illinois Chapter to develop a strategy to address a significant shortage of professional social workers in urban and rural Illinois (more information and the full report will be released in 2021). 

NASW, its Chapters, and the NASW Foundation are deeply grateful for the generous support from the Telligen Community Initiative—support that will enable us to make the case that there is a need for more professional social workers.

To learn more about the NASW Iowa Chapter and read the full NASW Iowa Chapter Report follow this link. Visit the NASW Foundation website for comprehensive information about programs and activities. 


Your generous contribution will enable us to continue this important work on behalf of the social work profession, the practitioner, and the public.  We encourage you to tell your colleagues, friends, and family why you believe in our work and urge them to support us too.  Please donate today!

Thank you for your support and friendship.  Please stay safe and healthy.

The NASW Foundation Team

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