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Welcome To The New NASW Foundation Website!

Welcome To The New NASW Foundation Website!

By Kim M. Simpson

The NASW Foundation team is very excited to welcome you to the new Foundation website. Our purpose and primary goal in launching this website is to better tell our story and to keep you informed about our programs and our people.

We welcome you to explore these pages, which describe the Foundation's mission, its many programs and initiatives that serve the profession, the practice, and the public, as well as news about our many friends, partners, and supporters.

We hope you find this new website to be informative and we look forward to working with you in the future.

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The NASW Foundation Team
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Ermelle Martinez

Melba Martinez acquired her MSW from Atlanta University, within 18mos, (August, 1948) as a recipient of an "American Red Cross" Scholarship. As a Psychiatric Social Worker, she originally worked with the "American Red Cross", assuring that Negro Veterans received earned payments, military benefits, and psychiatric consultation. She was well known in the "Seventh Ward" for helping Veterans acquire their benefits and salaries.

In 1948, Melba Martinez worked as an Assistant Coordinator with the YWCA in New Orleans, providing therapeutic group work to children evidencing behavioral and emotional disorders. As a Children's Worker and Child Specialist in the Children's Division of Orleans Parish, Department of Public Welfare, Melba Martinez served children, parents, schools and communities, following Foster home, adoption and court placement, where parents received extensive training. She supervised medical clinics, where involved received care and Foster homes support.

Between 1956 through 1960 and 1961 through 1964, Melba Martinez was a "Child Welfare Worker and Supervisor" for the Department of Adoptions in Los Angeles. She performed diagnostic evaluation of adoptive applicants, was a group leader, provided therapy with natural parents and older children and placed supervised and completed cases where children were abandoned, while supervising an 8 member unit. She also initiated staff development and welfare planning.

During 1966-1968, Melba Martinez was a Psychiatric Social Worker II, with the "Bureau of Social Work" with the Department of Social Welfare in Los Angeles, which provided intensive therapy with patients on leave and those following discharge from California State Mental hospitals. She supervised patient and community facilities, providing psychiatric consultation.

Between 1966 through 1970, Melba Martinez was the "Assistant Supervisor to Child Welfare and Attendance Pupil Personnel Services" and "Attendance Counselor", within the "Los Angeles United School District", servicing as a liaison between home, school and community. She provided intensive therapy, when children and or parents experienced emotional, social and or educational difficulties, Juvenile court recommendations and hearings necessitated intervention, and or case conference committees and the like required intervention.

Between 1970 through 1984, Melba Martinez was a Counselor and Coordinator of the Physically Handicapped Programs within the "Los Angeles Community College District". At this time, she incentivized the handicap symbol that is known throughout the United States, depicting her spouse in his wheelchair.. Independently, she developed and coordinated programs for the physically handicapped students on campus, implementing special classes, removing physical barriers and developing curricular group and community organizations. She proposed: writing, program analysis, budget planning and disbursement employment and supervision of staff, with training of peer counselors.

Melba Martinez was a member of the National Association of Social Workers, Academy of Certified Social Workers, Society of Clinical Social Workers, California State Licensed Clinical Social Worker, California State Licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor, California State Teachers Retirement Association, American Association of Retired Persons, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. member, American Contract Bridge Association, Inc, California State Credential Standard Life Pupil Personnel Services, Junior Colleges Teaching, Secondary Teaching, and Community College Supervision.

Considering that my Mother accomplished and established contributory programs, inclusive pf the nationally utilized handicap symbol. am hoping that her legacy be promulgated with NASW.

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